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Desk Potato: The Answer to Full Desk

Desk Potato: The Answer to Full Desk

The old saying “a place for everything and everything in its place" never took into consideration the office desk, the Desk Potato did. Even though computers have gone from room-size IBM monsters to smartphones, we still need room on our desks and work tables. Laptops don’t easily fit or work comfortably on your lap. You can’t really do the best business writing on a tablet or smartphone no matter how “smart” it is.  Somehow you never have enough space, especially if you use a mouse as part of your work process or a graphics tablet. Desk Potato is the answer.

Space: the final frontier for movable workers.

Desktop potato creates desk spaceDesk Potato is a shelf that quickly attaches to almost any usable surface to supply a space for a mouse, phone, book in use (yes, books are still a necessity) or coffee cup (spilled coffee and computers do not play well together). Today many of us work from remote locations instead of an office. The number of freelancers is estimated at 30 million. Most of these road warriors work from movable locations and make space where they can. Having an add-on desk shelf is essential to ergonomic performance. Being able to take a space and translate it into a comfortable and efficient workspace without rearranging someone else’s furniture makes you a welcome guest and return trips are a pleasure for all. A Desk Potato (or two) can make your portable office more portable.

The home office: making your space work for you.

Work potato creates spaceThe Desk Potato can make your already crowded desk roomier without adding more furniture to a room that is already jammed with it. A Desk Potato will expand to fit needs and changes without adding expense or more furniture. Home offices don’t always have a rug on the floor or a “view”. Usually they’re wherever they can be put and with furniture from a yard sale. Home offices are sometimes just wherever you can put them. The More space you can make from what you have the better and Desk Potato does just that.

Many of us are working from remote and changeable locations, wherever Wi-Fi is available. Often this means inventing a personal workspace in a very impersonal environment. Being able to attach a shelf or two that goes with you to the next destination is a genuine asset for convenience, comfort and work efficiency.

My mascot is with me (on my Desk Potato)

Many of us have a mascot, a memento, souvenir, and an item that makes a home away from home into an office away from the office. Putting the mascot on a shelf connects us with the familiar in a place we’re never been before. The psychological effects are definitely beneficial. The Desk Potato holds your gnome,  stuffed animal, coffee cup or Mysterypotato where it can bring you back to a “happy place” when the words , numbers or expected genius results just aren’t there.

It’s oval, looks like a potato and makes life better. It’s the Desk Potato.


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