Gag Gift: #PracticalGagGift The Wine Condom

Laughter is the best medicine, not only when we don’t feel so well, but it keeps us healthy and happy, and gag gifts are a way to share a laugh. Gag gifts can be described as seemingly irrelevant items which have a meaning for the giver and recipient that goes beyond the item given. They can be common items with a written tag or inscription that remind them of an event or moment shared or a common interest. Gag gifts are usually given on impulse as the giver finds an item that reminds them of someone with whom they share a bond.


Why we give gag gifts


We’re familiar with the mall stores with gag gifts, some of which seem offensive and would be when given to someone whom we don’t really know or in a public setting such as an office party. Here the bond is a critical element in the process and care must be taken to make sure a positive reaction at the receiving end is assured. Gag gifts are a way to renew or develop a friendship or relationship, a way to go further and develop a common interest and show you are interested in what the other person likes and knows. Gag gifts require thought and consideration. Sharing an interest and a laugh develop and strengthen friendships.


Gag gifts are really practical, like wine condoms


The actual gift is the gift of laughter with item that seems extreme but is actually useful. One such creative item is the “wine condoms” (link to The developer is a single mom and comedienne with a creative sense that reaches out to make other share a laugh. There is a very practical purpose to these gifts, to keep wine in the bottle at its just opened best, where a cork doesn’t prevent air from entering. A cork just doesn’t re-seal where a plastic closer, like a condom, does. Their motto” safe sipping” says even more.


Gag gifts are about sharing and caring


Gag gifts from friends are a way to keep a common interest and shared joy as a bond that grows. Knowing what you have in common and sharing it with a gift that keeps that bond alive seems to flourish with a gag gift. Knowing how to share that common ground and bond with something that speaks without words requires making choices and knowing your friend is critical to success. Some gifts may be inappropriate and careful selection is important. A sense of intimacy is here and cannot be violated. Gag gifts between friends are usually kept personal, unlike those given at professional associations and recognition events. The connection is more personal and the gift is less likely to be shown to visitors. This in itself opens up doors and closes others. In each case the person, the connection and the purpose of the gift are the reasons for selection. Caring about the recipient means the gift will reflect the occasion and where it will be received and opened. Gag gifts are just right for this.

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