- Frequently Asked Questions -


Someone sent me a potato or glitter bomb?
Yes, we send mystery and awesome in a single package... a MysteryPotato or Glitter-Bomb. If you want to know who sent it we suggest you post on Twitter and Facebook... the sender probably wants to know you got it and may choose to reveal themselves. I also love to see pictures of our little spuds online so please share!


Where do you ship to?

USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany, and a couple states in Australia. 

USA bound potatoes are sent out in in 1-2 business days, taking 2 to 14 days total after shipment depending on which shipping service is selected. International potatoes and glitter bombs generally ship within 3 business days and delivery is in 5 to 14 days total.


What is the potato mailed in?

I use a 6x9 white envelope and shipping label. The return address is that of MysteryPotato, not yours, so that you remain anonymous.


How do I track the potato I sent?

We send you an email as soon as we have the tracking number (unless Jeff forgets to click the button to send you the email) so that you can watch it make its way to your recipient. This is typically 1 to 2 days after you order for USA potatoes. If you cannot find it in your email, fill in the contact form or chat window below and reference your order number so that I can get you the details.

In some cases I do not get tracking information for potatoes sent internationally though we can typically give you an estimated arrival date based on when we shipped it. Contact me if you need more info. 


When will my potato or glitter bomb arrive?
Potatoes and Glitter Bombs generally take 7 to 14 days to arrive at their destination if they are US-bound. Orders normally are sent out 1-2 business days after receiving the order and then arrive based on the shipping speed selected at checkout.

If you have a target date I can ship your order based on the estimated arrival time so that it gets there really close to your target but I cannot guarantee it arrives on a specific day unless you purchase guaranteed shipping which is only available in the USA. Contact Jeff to get a special rate.


Do you ship to post office boxes?

Yes, you bet! Standard shipping is via USPS.


Can my potato or glitter bomb be delivered on a specific day?
For potatoes going to the USA I can guarantee delivery on a specific day. To arrange for guaranteed delivery you need to contact me right here

International potatoes do not have this option at this time.


How long can the message be?
We will do our best to fit any message on the potato that we can, including using the back side. That said, when we mail a potato it looks best when the words are few and the letters are big. We suggest you use 1-10 words on a large potato.


Where do I enter the message?
Enter the message on the product page before you add it to your cart or in the "Instructions for Jeff" box during checkout.


Can I mash or bake the potato I get in the mail?
Our potatoes are all grown in Washington and purchased from locally owned stores and farmers markets in June through September. These may actually be fresher than the potatoes in your pantry. That said, eat the potato at your own risk... it has been written on and traveled through the mail after all.


Can I send a threatening or harassing message?
No, you cannot.


Can I use swear words in the message?
I reserve the right to adjust your message to a PG-13 rating.


Where do you get your Potato jokes?
We make some up, we get them from you, our awesome customers, and we get others from the internet. Here are some of our favorite sites:

Who are you?
I'm Jeffrey Kelly. A husband, father, engineer, entrepreneur, and obstacle course athlete. Connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter here.


I have more questions...
Use the contact page or chat window below, I generally respond really fast!


Are you an Affiliate of other companies?

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