Send A Potato Ideas

Potato Message Ideas

We sent tons of potatoes in the mail every month. If you need ideas for a clever, loving, or revengeful saying for your potato we've got you covered. We post some of the best potatoes here on the send a potato ideas page so that everyone can benefit from our collective creativity.

Potatoes make great gag gifts with personalized messages because most people have never received a potato in the mail before. Nor would they have ever considered mailing a potato to someone else. So, when they open the package and find a spud with a message just for them, they get confused, amazed, intrigued... and then they read your message which brings a whole second layer of impact.

Some messages are loving or sexy, some are motivational, some are demeaning, some have inside jokes, some are clearly intended to piss off the recipient. You can send a mystery potato to anyone. You could send a potato to your mother, father, grandpa, cousin, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, one night stand, brother, sister, friend at work, to your boss, or to your renter who needs to pay their rent. The options are limitless.

    Valentine's Day

    • I want to make tater tots with you
    • You weren't worth a dozen roses so I bought you a potato instead
    • Roses are red potatos are brown. I mailed this potato so you don't feel down.
    • Boil me, cuz you're hot!
    • Be my Rice Potato ❤
    • There are plenty of potatoes in the sea, but you are the spud for me!
    • I am absolutely head over peels for you!

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    Sweet Potato Ideas

    • I think therefore I yam
    • You're so sweet
    • Love you sweety
    • You are one sweet potato
    • Have a po-totally awesome day!
    • I hope this makes you peel so sweet

    Send A Sweet Potato Gift Box

    Potato Message Ideas

    • Congratulations Grad!
    • I'm head over peels for you
    • You a strong independent potato that need no man
    • Roses are red potatos are brown. I mailed this potato so you don't feel down.
    • Best friends send you potatoes when you need them most
    • I want to make tater tots with you
    • Sliced or diced you're still the sweetest
    • Boil me, cuz you're hot!
    • Be my Rice Potato ❤
    • Will you be my spuddy?
    • You're the "she" to my "nanigans"
    • What do you call a potato wearing glasses? A spectator
    • Happy birthday spud
    • What do you call an everyday potato? A commentator
    • I think you are spudly
    • I think you are spud-tacular
    • I have my eyes on you
    • It smells like a potato
    • Sorry you're stuck being a couch potato!! Feel better soon!
    • You're a great mom
    • From Mars, with love
    • XOXO
    • Happy six months
    • I like you a lot
    • Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? BC it looks like u fell on ur face
    • This potato looks like you
    • I hope the amount of micro-aggression in this potato triggers you
    • Merry Christmas
    • Selena
    • Hey, a Sleigh, Such Holiday, Much Christmas
    • Both of you look like potatoes
    • Here's a Potato
    • Happy Holidays
    • Have a good day
    • New Year New Potato
    • I miss you, so here's a potato
    • Ohhhhhh PO-TAA-TOEEE
    • To: My tater toots, From: Your love spud
    • I hope college is going well
    • Blue 42 A potato for you
    • May the force be with you
    • What do you get when you cross a unicorn and a potato? A Unitato
    • Librarian, the original search engine

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      Glitter Bomb Ideas

      • I hope there is glitter on your _____
      • Have a sparkly day
      • Oops, I made a mess
      • Now you can clean up the mess
      • Love you mom

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      These potatoes have all been made by Jeff. For more ideas and pictures of potatoes check out our Facebook page, Pinterest, or Twitter.