National mail a potato day

National mail a potato day is coming, are you ready to celebrate? This holiday celebrates the time-honored tradition of mailing a potato with a personalized message anonymously to a deserving person. This ancient (well, maybe not so ancient) tradition of surprising a special or soon- to- be special someone with a message that they alone will appreciate is worthy of spreading around the globe so it’s up to you to do your part.

Who is eligible to receive a potato with a message on National Mail a Potato Day?

 First of all, family members, whether close or far away top the list. Smiles are a treasure and a potato with a message will be valued. Today’s society sees families spread around the country and world. Jobs, careers, college and opportunities require travel and living away from family and a potato with a sincere message of love will keep the ties stronger and closer despite distance and time zones.

Next come our armed forces members here and deployed. Americans have served their country in many ways and currently our brave Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Air Force personnel are deployed worldwide. Military on station or deploying overseas will appreciate any reminders of how much you care. A potato will a message lets them know you are thinking about them. A potato won’t break, will be easy to pack and carry and can be shared with fellow Armed Forces members.

How about our friends and lovers? A personal message that they alone will understand will strengthen the bonds of friendship and love. The small things mean so much. A potato with a message for them alone, sent spontaneously and anonymously will share a memory and a laugh.

How do you participate in National Mail a Potato Day?

Find a reputable, ethical, dependable and first class vendor for your potato message. Contact them by email, phone, carrier pigeon, or any equally dependable method. Tell them you want to be a part of this great event and send someone special a potato with a message. Their expert potato-professionals will do the rest.

Why mail a potato and not another vegetable?

Potatoes are hardy. They can take it and dish it out (mashed, fried, and boiled). They are tough on the outside and tender and delicious on the inside. They are able to grow in conditions where no other vegetables dare go or grow. They are much like the qualities we admire in others and want them to see in us. The best compliment can give someone is “you’re a real potato!” Mailing a potato with a personal message to someone you value shows you really care about them.

When is National Mail a Potato Day?

Traditionally National Mail a Potato Day is December 18th every year but you can make it potato day every day. You can celebrate this great event anytime, anywhere and send anyone a potato, anonymously, with a message only you can imagine. The ball (oops, potato) is your court. Time to celebrate National Mail a Potato Day today!

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