What’s the difference between a Mystery Potato and a couch potato?

Potatoes are a many splendored vegetable. They come in many shapes, sizes, types and tastes. But the term couch potato seems to be very popular. What is a couch potato and how does it differ from a Mystery Potato?

Mystery Potatoes are “action potatoes”.

Potatoes have more nutrients than we can imagine. Marathon runners carbo-load before a grueling 26.2 race and too much pasta is just too much. Mixing in some potatoes, mashed, baked or whatever helps keep the fire stoked for the big race. A Mystery Potato is sent with a message and good wishes and can be eaten before a marathon for extra energy and motivation Couch potatoes do not run marathons. They watch them on TV. They store energy and don’t use it. A Mystery Potato is an “action potato”. It can’t wait to get up in the morning and take on the world with a cheerful, affirmative message to someone can use a pick me up. It starts the brain moving with “how can I make the world a better place today with a message sent anonymously on a potato? A Mystery Potato looks for opportunities to serve others through being supportive and making them smile.

Mystery Potatoes change lives.

A Mystery Potato can change lives. It can even make a couch potato into a Mystery Potato. Actually, inside every couch potato is a Mystery Potato waiting to get out and do great things. A Mystery Potato can send a greeting to someone far away. It can make a relationship stronger, it can mend fences and it can remind someone of how much you value their friendship. It gets you beyond yourself into the world of others. Couch potatoes can be moved off the couch and into a new world of relationships.

Mystery Potatoes are real.

They live in a real world of sights, smells and relationships. They use sight to let someone see a message written on them. They smell real, like potatoes. They help develop and enrich relationships. A surprise is something unexpected, in a package that says “open me”. The message is personal, it can only be from someone who really knows me and cares enough to send the very best (potato). A couch potato is limited to the world of the couch. Maybe a smartphone, a tablet or the TV can let them see the real outside world, but maybe not. A Mystery Potato is an invitation into the real world of relationships that can be opened by the message on the potato.

We are all potatoes. Which one are you?

You can be a Mystery Potato and be an action potato or a couch potato. You can be in the thick of it or wait and watch it all pass by from your couch. After all life is what you make of it. Mystery Potatoes reach out and touch someone; they are proactive potatoes not passive ones. Even if you are stuck on the couch, all it takes is that first step to become a potato of action, a Mystery Potato. It’s up to you.

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