The One Direction Potato: A new band member joins the team.

The One Direction Potato made his debut on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and was an immediate hit. Sometimes we need to send a message; often we can’t find the words. The wildly successful band 1D recently had a member leave the band. Zayn Malik helped make 1D a number one sensation and send it to the top of the charts. He left because of creative differences. By coincidence, the band is also taking some time off away from touring to refresh, regroup and relax. Recently on the Jimmy Kimmel Show they announced a new band member, a Russet potato (purchased at Ralph’s Supermarket for .58 cents). The One Direction Potato had its own armchair on the set since it would have been invisible in one of the guest chairs. So, why have a new band member that’s a potato? The band didn’t say much about their reasons but choice of a rock star spud deserves some thought.

The One Direction Potato makes serious sense

The One Direction Potato is also an inside joke (1D is famous/notorious) for these. Becoming a Directioner can help you to understand. One of the inside jokes usually refer to carrots. Carrots are nutritious and red, how many rock bands talk about carrots and use them as a connector with their audience. Bands are really a relationship. The members create together, work together, tour together. Just like a type of family they have arguments, fights and sometimes split to go their separate ways. Zayn left because of creative differences and he will be missed. But the inside joke that fans share about carrots now changes to another vegetable, a potato and not just any potato but a One Direction Potato.

Why a potato and not another vegetable?

The new band member is a Russet Potato, the type most grown in Idaho. Idaho is so proud of its potatoes that the State’s standard issue license plate features a Russet and “Famous Potatoes”. The Idaho potato (the ID seems to resemble the band’s short name 1D, by the way), has a tougher skin than many and is packed with nutrition and strength. It usually fills the dinner plate. Show business requires a tough skin for criticism, bad breaks and all the baggage success brings. Jimmy Kimmel said in his opening that his staff said 1D was the nicest guys they had met in a long time. Most rock bands are egotistical, often spoiled and arrogant, humility is not on their list. When the One Direction Potato was introduced it was called “humble”, and now has its own Instagram and Twitter accounts. It looks like the humble One Direction Potato is on its way to stardom, but we’re sure it won’t get too full of itself.

Conclusion: potatoes’ appeal and a-peel: meanings and messages

The One Direction Potato seems seem to be a way to deliver a message, or bunch of messages. This Russet rock star is helping a band that lost an original member deal with the changes coming and to do it with good humor. Resiliency is a quality of potatoes too; they can grow in adversity, grow just about anywhere and yield bountiful crops. They are nutritious, delicious and still remain humble. 1D seems to have a lot going for it as they take a creative break. Maybe that’s why they chose a One Direction Potato.

Image Credit: Toxicfox

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