Edible Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and the shops and stores will be reminding us that flowers and candy are the best way to say “I love you”; edible gifts for Valentine’s Day seem to lead the parade of hearts. Last year $18.9  billion was spent on just Valentine’s Day gifts. But how about giving that someone special a Mystery Potato? Flowers and candy are the most given Valentine’s Day gifts but a personalized potato goes on after the flowers have wilted and the chocolates are gone.  Billions are spent on movies and expensive dinners even spa treatments. But these are fairly standard, not as creative as real relationships are and should be. So, what advantages does a Mystery Potato have over the traditional commercial Valentines’ Day fare?

The potato is the most edible gift and goes on beyond the day itself

For starters, how about longevity? Some love affairs last a little longer than a box of candy. At the end the box is empty and sometimes the heart. A Mystery Potato, sent anonymously, will intrigue the lucky recipient. They will stay up late trying to guess who sent the edible gift for Valentine’s Day. They will be amazed by the ingenious idea and how much thinking went into selecting it. Millions of heart shaped boxes of mass produced chocolates and acres of roses are what fill most Valentine’s Day schedules. That potato is one of a kind, its shape is unique (like snowflake) and the message is about your relationship, maybe a secret that nobody else shares. The fun of guessing, hinting around and finally finding out who sent the potato will result in a quiet get together to make the relationship even stronger. And, we provide excellent instructions for planting and growing a Mystery Potato so it really can keep on giving.

A Mystery Potato gift is not a mass produced memory

Cards are mass produced by the greeting card industry; most of us spend hours trying to find the right words, the right card to say what we feel. Why not have what we really mean to say written on a potato and have it sent anonymously? Sometimes a unique approach is needed to patch up a damaged relationship or renew an older one. A store-bought card and factory-made candy just don’t do it the right way. Each relationship we have is different, one of a kind and what is more one of a kind than something grown in nature and inscribed with our own thoughts about the person to whom we send it? An edible gift for Valentine’s Day is the solution

Taking the time to care in selecting the Valentine’s Day Gift

An important part of the Valentine’s Day mystique is the inventive fun involved in selecting a gift that fits the recipient in ways that only you know. The Mystery Potato, a message that says “love” and affection and does it creatively will get that special someone’s attention. It will open up unknown doors and start some new conversations you never had before. Edible gifts for Valentine’s Day should be more than a sugar fix; a Mystery Potato is a sure hit.

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