13 Unlucky Black Potatoes

13 Unlucky Black Potatoes

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Need to let someone know they've been naughty. Need to make sure that coworker knows they walked under a ladder? Need to pass the message along that someone is grounded? Want to break up in a really unique way?

I start with 13 premium russet potatoes, I then take them to my ultra-secret potato lab to make them exceptionally unlucky and black, finally I customize them with your message(s) in white. Once they are made up I package them in a box with recycled packaging, seal it up, and it is ready to go to your recipient via Priority mail.

Imagine sending thirteen ugly black potatoes to someone who really deserves them. Imagine sending thirteen black potatoes to your neighbor. Imagine sending thirteen unlucky black potatoes to the guy who always wins at poker night!

We send all of those things on potatoes. The only question is whether you're ready to send your black potatoes?


Mail One Dozen Black Potatoes today! 

Black potatoes are available for recipients in the USA only and arrive in 7 calendar days.