Fathers Day VIP Gift Box
Fathers Day VIP Gift Box
Fathers Day VIP Gift Box

Fathers Day VIP Gift Box

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Is your dad one hot potato?

The MysteryPotato Father's Day VIP Gift Box is all swag for your dad.  Start with a large premium potato, then I add your custom message to your dad, toss in just a tiny amount of glitter (not enough to make a mess), and package it in a box for ultimate shipping protection. Here's everything that is included in the Dad's Gift Box:

  1. Your message written on a beautiful spud
  2. An additional hand-written love note on a card 
  3. A dash of glitter for class
  4. Tons of colorful confetti inside
  5. Premium color tissue paper wrapping
  6. A sturdy brown cardboard box for maximum protection

Your Dad will love you (even more) when he get's this potato gift box. He'll think of what you're doing, the good times he's had with you, the remarkable person you are. Don't miss Fatherr's Day! Get your Fathers Day Potato Gift Box going today!



Note: I ship these year-round!