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How to Grow Your Mystery Potato

A Mystery Potato opens up many doors. Some lead to great stories and conversations, strengthening a relationship and even to learning experiences. Taking the Mystery Potato and growing your own crop of potatoes to enjoy with family and friends is one of the countless ways a personalized gift like this can multiply. The fun of a Mystery Potato is never knowing just what may happen after you have opened up the box. You thought enough of someone to mail a potato with a unique and personal message on a Mystery Potato. You can imagine the smile on their face as they tried to guess who sent the anonymous surprise. Finally they called you and thanked you for the gift. Here...

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Growing potatoes on Mars: NASA prepares for future colonization

NASA is planning to see that the first astronauts to land on Mars eat good food: potatoes. A project with the International Potato Center is investigating growing potatoes on Mars. The first Astronauts had to endure food that came in tubes, then bite sized-sandwich cubes and squeeze bottle drinks. The food on the International Space Station is a world apart from what these pioneers had to live on. But the first space farers to land on the Red Planet will be there for quite a while and growing their own food will be as priority. The recent movie “The Martian” with Matt Damon has the protagonist growing potatoes to survive while a rescue expedition is launched. His choice of potatoes...

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